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  1. 3OH!3 Omen Eye T-Shirt

    Omen Eye T-Shirt

    Get your OMENS t-shirt with an intricate design that covers the front of the shirt. 100% cotton.
  2. Hand Juniors Booty Shorts

    Hand Juniors Booty Shorts

    What better place to have "3OH!3's "hands" than on your backside? Get a pair of these shorts featuring the 3OH!3 hand symbol printed in hot pink with the 3OH!3 logo printed in yellow on the front.
  3. Math Mens Slim Fit T-Shirt

    Math Mens Slim Fit T-Shirt

    It's simple math: Nat+Sean=3OH!3.
  4. Robot Slim Fit Tee

    Robot Slim Fit T-Shirt

    Pick up the "Robot" t-shirt featuring a design based on the cover art for the song of the same name!
  5. Shout Slim Fit T-shirt

    Shout Slim Fit T-shirt

    This t-shirt will shout out 3OH!3.
  6. Grandma Slim Fit

    Grandma Slim Fit T-Shirt

    This white t-shirt features a grandma face design and pink band name and logo.
  7. Portrait Photo

    Portrait Photo T-Shirt

    White t-shirt featuring gold “3OH!3” and a photo of the band.
  8. Forest Pieces Juniors T-shirt

    Forest Pieces Juniors T-shirt

    Black t-shirt featuring hot pink, blue, and white design with band name and logo in yellow.
  9. Crash Slim Fit T-shirt

    Crash Slim Fit T-shirt

    Black t-shirt features the "3OH!3" logo printed in yellow overlaying the bright pink, purple and blue "Crash" design.
  10. 3.03. Day Mens Standard T-Shirt

    3.03. Day Mens Standard T-Shirt

    Back for a limited time only, pick up the exclusive 3OH!3 Day 2011 t-shirt! This black tee features an abstract Aztec design in yellow, pink, orange, and blue around 3oh!3's signature hand logo.

  11. Fang Mouth Juniors T-shirt

    Fang Mouth Juniors T-shirt

    Blue t-shirt featuring eyes and fang mouth design and band name.
  12. Hands Up Mens Slim Fit T-Shirt

    Hands Up Mens Slim Fit T-Shirt

    3OH!3’s “Hands Up” t-shirt is for those who don’t have a heart. This purple t-shirt features a design of five robotic hands on the right side of the t-shirt, “If you’re born without a heart put your hands up”... Learn More

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